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Advertising on scottish-domain.co.uk is no longer free, although the costs are minimal and only imposed due to the restrictions on my time and the likely frequency of updates. This site receives recorded hits in excess of 2000 per hour and all visitors are looking for Scotland specific, perhaps even Ayrshire specific information - the rates highly favourable when you consider the level of potential exposure. 

Advertising comes in a variety of flavours. Payment may be made via PayPal payment processing system. Read This.

Link with short description

- Ideal for advertisers already having a web presence. For examples of this type of advertising see the related links page. Cost $16.50 for a full 12 months. Links are posted within 24 hours of payment.

Enhanced Link featuring your logo and description

- Again ideal for those with an existing website. See this for an example of this type of listing. Cost $22.00 for a full 12 months. Links are posted within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

Want more than a listing? Try a Full Page.

Suitable either  for larger organisations with a website of their own or for a small business/individual without a website. This method will allow you to say much more about you or your organisation, post contact details (mail, fax & telephone numbers) and will provide a feedback section for your customers/visitors to contact you directly. In addition your page will be submitted on an ongoing monthly basis to all of the major search engines and directories. Your page will be available to view within 48 hours of payment and content instructions being received. Use your own graphics and Logo (limited to 3 graphics and one logo), if you have no logo or graphics don't worry. Cost $55 for a full twelve months, hosting, submission and advertising. Buy now or email for more information.

Read This

Because of the nature of PayPal processing all items purchased will show a shipping charge, equal to 10% of sale, however this will NOT exceed the total amount quoted here. For Example, when you arrive at PayPal's secure serve after having clicked on FULL PAGE advertising, the payment due will show as $50, when you enter your details a further $5 will be charged, thus total payable will be $55 as quoted. Sorry about this.